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Meadowlands Chocolate was brainstormed into existence in 2013 by Beryl Wells Hamilton and Clyo Howard. After watching a PBS cooking show (Caprial & John, the Kitchen) featuring organic chocolate, we looked at each other and said, "Let's try it!" After all, if you don't think outside the box, you don't know what you're missing.

We make handcrafted, single-origin, bean-to-bar chocolate in a small kitchen in Meadowlands, Minnesota. Every batch is made with care, because our goal is to bring out the best these very special beans have to offer. "Should I roast the beans a bit longer? Can you believe how wonderful that Dominican SMELLS? What is that fruity flavor? Cinnamon? Citrus? Coffee? We love what we do because making great chocolate is like making great art, and we have been lifelong artists since we could first pick up a crayon. 

Beryl Wells Hamilton and Clyo Howard make their chocolate in Meadowlands, Minnesota, where deer cross the meadows and the wolves and cougars can be tracked along the river. We also love cooking and eating good food that's made from scratch, taking walks, canoeing, and watching the Northern Lights. 



Meadowlands Chocolate received high marks from Georg Bernardini in his book, "Chocolate: The Reference Standard, The Chocolate Tester 2015: The best chocolates and pralines in the world: what's behind it all and what we can gladly forego." We really are world-class chocolate in a small-batch, user-friendly and delicious package! From the review: "The flavors are clear and pleasant and even if the melt was not perfect, it suited the chocolates. The approach is the right one and Meadowlands Chocolate will assuredly develop further in future."




Email: info@meadowlandschocolate.com

Phone: (612) 708-5046

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Meadowlands Chocolate Company

10431 Bachelor Square Road

Meadowlands, MN 55765

 Sunset in Meadowlands.